Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Welcome to Our Messy World

First of all, I haven't cleaned one thing off my desk, nor did I wash out either of the two coffee cups I used yesterday. And that's actually good news -- because it shows that so many people are emailing me that I am happily wading through the emails. So keep them coming. I'll have them organized (ha!) soon.

The emails and phone calls are generally funny and good-humored -- I received some horrifying pictures which show desks that are much worse than mine! Some people have offered suggestions which I will pass on soon.

Some of the calls and letters are very sad. One call came from an elderly gentleman, a widower, who lives in a four-bedroom house that is just full of all the accumulations of life. They burden him and yet he can't throw them away -- probably all are attached to memories of a life gone by. Another came from a smart and funny mother of a smart and charming pre-teen with attention deficit disorder. She feels herself sliding into a kind of chaotic depression as she tries to organize her house, her job and her son.

I hope all of us can help these people, even if it's just to cheer them up. Probably I'll pray for them. Being a reporter, you have to be a little thick-skinned, and obviously, remain objective and professional, no matter what your emotions may be. But those rules don't apply to prayer, thank God.

Now I have to go wash my coffee cups. More to come...


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