Friday, March 31, 2006

Awaiting Queen Jeanine

My organizer, Queen Jeanine Baron of Streamliners, is coming on Monday and what I want us to do is develop a filing system and plan for handling materials. If she can help me figure this out, or hold my hand while I figure it out, that will be excellent. I think she will be awesome in working this out with me.

Also it will distract her from her plans, which she has efficiently presented to me in an excellent-looking spreadsheet that is color-coded.

She wants to bring me project boxes and magazine folders in shades of gray and beige. I think not. First of all, it would match, and that would be boring. Second of all, it's too tasteful. Third, my friends will make fun of me, because my desk will look like something from Real Simple, a magazine that I find Real Stupid. But on a more practical basis, I will soon put papers in the box and on the box and then they'll be buried.

She also offered to bring in a battalion of people to help clean out my desk. If they were cleaning my house, I'd be singing the Alleluia chorus -- could definitely "Handel" that. But we are talking my desk...

Again, it's very nice, but I think not. It makes me nervous enough having one highly-organized person in my cubicle, but having several flitting around would drive me to do something odd, like throw papers, or undress, or wind-up all my wind-up toys, just to restore the right balance of disharmony in the universe.

Meanwhile, there is some harmony happening. My emails are now down to 400, from 4,330 when I started. I experimented for hours with Outlook and am trying to make my peace with it. I went through old contacts that had been marooned in there from a previous failed attempt in 2000. I have eight file drawers and I have organized one and emptied three.

Well, have a great weekend.


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