Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm Exhausted

Organizer Queen Jeanine, (Jeanine Baron, Streamliners Inc, Blue Bell), has come and gone. She spent a lot of time with me and I am very tired. Too many ideas and projects, and they are all about order, and I am not about order. I'd rather sing or dance on the file cabinets or throw a pie, or, ok write a blog, or write anything or interview people, or..., well you get the idea.

To a point, I enjoy systems, in a kind of utopia fantasy way, like Henry David Thoreau at Walden leading the simple life. But I also fantasize about an umbrella in a drink at the beach, which is more appealing at the moment. If someone could deliver a Manhattan straight up, that would also be good.

Jeanine's whole point is that all this organizing can be taken care of in bite-size chunks, and it's her job to teach me how and what to chew. I'm mixing metaphors here, away from the Digging Out, but maybe I should switch that to Digging In...

Anyway, I think she wouldn't want me to be tired, but to be energized, so I quickly went and got a cup of tea, which is helping.

Also helping is that I already did our first thing on our Action list, which is transfer my phone list to a USB drive, so I can use it at home. This is a big deal, because today is the first day I ever touched a USB Flash Drive and yet I was able to handle it. If you don't know what one is, it is like carrying a huge file cabinet with you, except the contents has been shrunk to the size of a key chain. When you plug it in, you have given your computer the equivalent of many file cabinets of extra storage space. So, you move files or copy files into it. Then you unplug it and take it with you.

To operate it, my husband gave me an electric wire, which is like an extension cord. One end attaches to the unreachable nether regions of my computer and the other end snakes around to the front where it is quite handy. Jeanine knew where to attach the cord and did it, which would have given me tremendous anxiety. After she left, I managed to move a copy of my phone list to the USB drive. I am tremendously satisfied with that accomplishment. To geeks, that is like saying, hey I managed to pick my nose using my finger! But baby I feel great about that USB. What does USB stand for anyway?

My phone lists are, as I suspected, a tremendous hassle. Now I understand why so many people hate Microsoft, because Microsoft Outlook's contacts management software seems so slow and cumbersome. Now I have to ditz around with it, and that does not seem like fun. I already hate it. Who invented this sytem? Plus I have three stories to write before Friday, at a minimum.

So why change? My ultimate goal is portability, which I have achieved in part with the USB. I have no immediate plans to get a Blackberry-type device. But this is the way the world is going, so I need to put myself in a position to go with it.


Blogger "Queen" Jeanine said...

Thanks for letting me come play in your cubicle today, Jane! I'm relieved to hear that you indulged in a cup of tea - had I stayed any longer, I think we both agree that a bottle of wine with two straws would have been in order.

Anyway, I am impressed with the way you hung in there today - troubleshooting software conversions, and learning new ways to catalogue and organize information is not very sexy and certainly not fun for most folks (except for me, of course!)

We'll continue managing the Project Plan together and partnering to bite off the 'chunks' as your schedule allows. And as for that manhattan, I take mine up - extra cold... Thank goodness that it'll be easy to mix up a celebration toast when we're through (mine without the paper umbrella, please).

Thanks again for your hospitality today and sharing your workspace (and your 'story') with me.

"Queen" Jeanine
Jeanine Baron
Streamliners, Inc.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous D.B.Sher said...

Well, I learned about a USB drive from my college aged daughter, who acted like I was mentally challenged since I had never heard of it before. Just to see what would happen, I recommended it to a friend of mine, my age, when we found ourselves in a computer store one Saturday. She had no idea what I was talking about. The store clerk looked at us with pity. So, you're hardly the only one from "our generation" who is just learning about them. But they are pretty amazing, aren't they??!! One of my kid's high school teachers wears one on a cord around his neck.

Your series has been really fun and inspirational. You should see my office now!!

5:38 PM  

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