Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Parallel Buckets

You may remember Trina Lewis, the overwhelmed human resources manager who won the Inquirer's "Confess Your Mess" contest. I wrote about her in Monday's Inquirer and also in yesterday's blog posting. She works for Union Packaging in Yeadon, a fast-growing paper box manufacturing company that has doubled the number of employees since she arrived. Besides all the employees, Trina's boss has given her additional and important responsibilities, but no extra help.
In yesterday's posting titled Trina's Buckets, Trina said she is making great strides in organizing the clutter on her desk, following the advice that Barbara Bergeron, of SOS Organizing Services in Chester Springs, gave her during a March 15 visit.

The physical clutter has been going well, but Trina said she's been having a harder time organizing her computer.

Here's what Barbara wrote in response on March 20:

"I'm thrilled to hear of your progress!! Keep up the great work.

RE: the electronic files. As a general rule it is faster to create a new file
systems (paper or electronic) and then put new items into the new system.
If the electronic system is feeling overwhelming (and it certainly seems
like it is) try this.

Pick one of your six categories. (Just to explain this, Barbara had asked Trina to divide her job into her main areas of responsibility. Trina listed six, including training, safety and employee relations.)

Then outline within that one category what you anticipate to be the sub-categories within it. This is very much like thinking about a paper system. Envision a file drawer that has been designated to hold one category, "training" for example. Now create the folders within that category. Now drop and drag files into those folders.

Other ideas: open two windows showing your file tree. Drop and drag the
old (one window) over to the new (second window). Try sorting files by
topic, by sender, by date, to group like files that need to be moved. You
can collect several files that belong in the same folder by holding the Ctrl
key as you click on each file.

Then move all that are highlighted at one time.

Remember, the goal is just to get the files in the same general area in the
beginning. Later you can create additional layers of organization.

Hope that helps..."

I second that emotion. This is one of those ideas that falls into the "Why Didn't I Think Of It" category. Very simple and intuitive, yet...


Anonymous Gene 309 Office Furniture Hatfield PA said...

It looked like Rina only had a desk in her office. From my viewpoint, she needs a credenza behind her with a hutch on top. They don't cost a fortune and the drawers in the credenza give you more filing space for "cold" or "do later" files, and the shelves behind the doors of the hutch let you hide catalogs, and items you refere to but don't need on your desk (unless you have nowhere else to put them. TV 10 just did a feature about our store and how we help people find what they need to work and organize better.

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