Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Publicist Loves Her Labeler

This morning I am going to meet organizer Susan Sabo with Organizers Inc. at publicist Jamie Joffe's home office in Lafayette Hill. This will be the second time the two have gotten together. Jamie, as you may recall, does a good job for her clients, but her business processes, including filing and invoicing, are messy. Jamie had just hired an assistant but didn't know how to delegate work to her. If you want to know more about Jamie or Susan, you can click on "The Disorganized Publicist" in the right-hand column.

Before I go out there, I thought you might like to see the exchange of emails that started before Jamie's and Susan's first visit on January 25 and continued through yesterday.

Here they are:

January 9, 2006 from Jamie:
I do not like to self-promote, but I am a total mess. I run a PR business out of my house and have a few large clients. I spend at least 15 minutes 3x a day looking for old emails, files, media info -- Jamie

January 25, 2006: 8:45 p.m., three hours after their firstt meeting, from Jamie.
Hi Susan - Thank you again for your time today. I have already reviewed tomorrow's calendar, and made a to-do list. It was a blast - and I am excited to get started! - Jamie

January 26, 2006: 5:17 a.m (These people are nuts!), from Susan
Dear Early Bird ~ It was a good meeting. Talking about the places that are snags for you and developing systems to put some of those things on autopilot will clearly help you have a better quality of life and continue your huge success!
What did your husband say about the idea of setting up QuickBooks for billing? – Susan

January 26, 2006 , 8:06 a.m, from Jamie
We are going to set up everything this weekend. I will email you photos. -- Jamie

January 31, 2006: 8:53 a.m., from Jamie
Ok - today is a BIGGIE - we are starting to reorganize my files. Just found my engagement announcement in my 2005 Cirque Du Soleil file (that was 1996). -- Jamie

January 31, 2006: 6:39 p.m., from Jamie
I love my label maker: Why didn't I buy this sooner? I labeled tonight's leftovers and my son Josh labeled the dog in case she forgets her name (and learns to read). Starting making my files, Alexis (Jamie's assistant) is going to start sorting piles. Today I was able to find my Blackberry, cell phone and keys in under 5 minutes because the mess from my desk has been sorted into piles that now need to be put away. -- Jamie

February 1, 2006: 10:53 a.m., from Susan
I don't remember if we mentioned this on the phone so I'm writing to summarize another issue highlighted in that initial interview with Jamie - - she's using routines and tools taught to her by her first job. We're updating those routines and employing current tools. - Susan

February 01, 2006 11:26 a.m., from Susan
Glad that the label maker is working! Sounds like you and Alexis (her assistant) are initiating a good setup ready to be 'your system'. Why don't we set another time to get together for me to see your progress and strategize for the next steps? I'm thinking a couple weeks down the road so you can work through those files and all. – Susan

February, 15 2006 12:46 p.m from Jamie
(I asked Jamie what was still working since her initial enthusiasm and what was difficult. Here was what she wrote back)
"Honestly, just keeping up with it and knowing what to keep and what to throw out. I had a client in last week's Daily News, and threw it out by mistake. This kinda stinks, because the client didn't see it and now I have to track it down.
I also am unsure of how many folders I need, when do I consolidate? Or do I just throw everything into each client folder? I am psyched to see Susan again to answer this and other pressing questions. I did also buy a headset, which I LOVE. – Jamie

February 27, 2006 8:45 p.m., from Jamie
A few things I have done or not depending on who you ask.
While I have been great about keeping notes in one notebook, the whole filing process is overwhelming. What should I dump? I am so petrified that I will throw out something I need.
I am also going to the container store to try and manage my media things.
There are some piles, not too many, but I need to make files. Also one last thought, are my files efficient? Hopefully Susan can help me with this when I see her this week. -- Jamie

February 28, 2006 6:14 AM, from Jamie
This morning I am here trying to get back on track, I have some piles here that
I am working through - it is hard not to keep everything, as I always
get ideas from things I see...
I am dumping the chicken curry recipe, I have 5 others, and it doesn't
belong in the middle of my real estate client's file.
Back to work!!! – Jamie

February 28, 2006: 7:52 a.m., from Susan
Tomorrow we can develop record retention guidelines, as we call them, for you to use when deciding what to keep and toss. Then we designate where to put what you keep. That's the creation of the standard organizing procedure. The procedure will give you a method of sorting papers and quick decision-making on the retain/remove part of the process. See you tomorrow. -- Susan


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