Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Purple and Gold High Heels

Tomorrow I'll post something useful, but this email really made me laugh. It comes from Wendy Oyler, a former nurse who is now a quality assurance and credentialing supervisor for a company that reviews medical insurance claims.

Here's what she wrote:
"Everyone at work asked if I had read your article. They felt I was a true contestant. I am the butt of many jokes. They took a copy the photo with your article and pasted my face on top of yours and used white-out to make my hair and blot off your face completely (which I think shows excellent judgment on the part of Wendy's colleagues!). It took all day for me to find it on my cube wall."

Wendy goes on to describe her complicated job. She recruits experts to review medical claims, and sometimes has to find 10 at a time. She sorts out what specialty applies and refers the claim to the proper expert. She maintains contact with various governmental agencies. To do all this, she makes numerous lists, which she loses.

And now, to add insult to injury, here's the last paragraph from the latest email from Wendy, whom I love, even though I don't know her, because, well, you will see in a second:

"We are having a client come in-house next week and I was told to box most of the stuff on my desk and move it to another area till the visit is over. It will be hard to move those purple and gold-chained high heels I bought at a demolition sale in Ocean City this fall just for a joke on a special occasion."

It sounds like if you have the kind of job that Wendy has, you need to keep a pair of purple and gold-chained heels at your desk.

I think we can all relate. I have a pink tiara I got on my 50th birthday, a toilet key chain with an loud flushing sound that I use to annoy my co-workers, a UPS bobble doll, a plastic banana that I pretend is my phone, a voodoo figurine, wind-up walking teeth, a plastic iguana, and a modeling clay computer made by teenage son when he was five.

Do I have to get rid of this stuff? I don't care what they say -- I'm not going to.


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