Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Take A Deep Breath

Figen Genco, an organizer and feng shui practioner from Richboro, Bucks County, wrote in to say that her experience shows that real change can only occur when the person wants to change. They also need to understand the psychological roots of their "messes," which are often an outward manifestation of inner turmoil and lack of clarity -- not genetic messiness or busyness.

To begin to change, she said, people should be directed in their psychological, physical and emotional preparation, starting with an evaluation of the work area so it is properly arranged. The de-cluttering work should be done, for the most part, by the individual, so the physical memory of the work and the relief stays with them.

There are ways, Figen wrote, to get your spirit prepared for the task of cleaning out. One of the most important is a breathing exercise.

Here's what Figen wrote:
Open a window if you can, before starting to work on your area… Light a candle…
The goal of any Meditation is to be able to control your mind…to be able to have one chosen thought without interruption…to control the physical body.

Learning how to breathe in preparation for meditation is important. Proper breath not only replenishes the body, but also connects one’s body with Spirit. This type of breathing, in Huna tradition, is called “HA Breathing.”

The ancient Hawaiians practiced this through deep, conscious breathing. Breathe deeply through your NOSE, as you exhale through the MOUTH, make a whispered "ha" sound, which moves the breath through the body like a fountain of water, washing away impurities. As you hold the exhale, the breath condenses the air and water and moves it into the ground where it solidifies to ground you.

Sit upon a firm but comfortable chair so the vital energy can directly flow into the soles of your feet and up through your body without restriction of bent joints.

Take a deep breath in through the NOSE, to the count of 7, filling your lungs completely. Inhale with the intention of your breath reaching the top of your head.
Hold the breath to the count of 7. Imagine your lungs being filled with pure oxygen.
Exhale through the MOUTH to the count of 7, exhaling completely, mouth open wide (opening the jaw), loudly whispering the word "Haaaa," Imagine your exhaled breath moving through your body like a fountain of water, washing away impurities.

Hold the breath for the count of 7.
Inhale to the count of 7.
Hold to the count of 7.
Exhale to the count of 7.

Figen's e-mail does not include how to end this exercise, but my guess would be that you should do it until you experience a sense of peace and calm that will give you more inner strength to deal with some of the emotions raised as we throw things out


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