Monday, March 20, 2006

Those Pesky Pens

If you have noticed today's Philadelphia Inquirer, you'll see that I updated the story of Norie Wisniewski, the executive director of Interfaith Caregivers, a social service agency in Haddonfield that provides services to the homebound.

One of Norie's beefs had been that she was always had to lend her pens out and never got them back. Organizer Ellen Faye, of Straighten-Up in Cherry Hill, gave her one of those suggestions that is so obvious, yet so often overlooked. Take extra pens, she advised. Norie loved that idea and started packing pens to lend.

Someone, as a joke, started sending her pens anonymously. She has received, so far, four packages of pens. No letter, no note, no clue about the identity of the senders. She's completely mystified. But one was funny. It had a return address: "467 Lost Pen Drive, Inkland, Fla."


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