Monday, March 27, 2006

Trina's Buckets

In the business section of today's Inquirer, you can read about Trina Lewis, the overworked human resources manager from Union Packaging Corp. in Yeadon, whose responsibilities have grown faster than her ability to handle them all. (And it would help, by the way, if she had a little more help. Half an assistant, even though the half assistant is very good, is really not enough.)

That being said, she's doing remarkably well. Her first visit with her organizer, Barbara Bergeron of SOS Organizational Services in Chester Springs, took place on March 15. Here are some of her emails since then:

Here's what Trina Lewis wrote on March 16:
I learned so much at our meeting yesterday. I have taken 20 minutes
yesterday and 20 minutes today to start the process of 'digging out' and
the results are amazing. Everyone that comes in my office comments
about the transition that is happening. I have taken a few work in
process photos that I will send you. Not only am I using the
information but I am also passing on the information to one of my
co-workers who are struggling with organization. We thought I was bad
with the 4000 emails, but he has 9000.

March 20th email from Trina:
As an update: I have a new duty added to my job description, I have to
pick up my boss', co-workers', and employees' jaws when they walk into my
office these days. Taking Barbara's information to heart in the four
twenty minute sessions that I have utilized since last week's meeting,
the transformation of my office is astonishing to say the least. I am
having a harder time with the file clean-up (computer) because I find
that takes a lot longer before results are seen. I can spend twenty
minutes doing that, and it seems as if I have made little to no
progress. Believe it or not, I look forward each day to the twenty

March 21st obnoxious bragging email from Trina (Although, as of yesterday, my email is now down 895 from 4330, so email THAT, Trina!):
Down from 4300 emails to 1600.
Another observation. Many of my coworkers are working overtime to clean
there offices since I have started the process. Also if I am working on
something and have a lot of papers on my desk there are smart comments
about me keeping up my new found organization.
The highlight was yesterday when my boss came into my office for the
first time in about three days and was very surprised and happy at my

Tomorrow, I'll tell you what Barbara recommended about organizing electronic files.


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