Monday, March 06, 2006

Where's the Paper?

In a few minutes I am crossing the bridge into the wilds of Joisey to visit a company where the boss is totally anti-paper. Of course the company sells document management software, so it is trying to practice what it preaches to its customers. Still I really can't imagine an office without paper. Apparently this boss is very adamant about no paper. There's not even a copy machine in the joint. Everything is scanned and read on line. OK, what do people read in the bathroom? They probably have to smuggle the newspaper in. I wonder if workers have little secret stashes of paper squirreled away. What do the desktops look like? I'll let you know next week.

On another point entirely...
In today's Inquirer business section, you will see an update of the story of Jamie Joffe, the publicist, and her fixer Susan Sabo, of Organizers Inc. in West Chester. Jamie is the one who works well for her clients, but had messy business practices, now in the process of cleaning them up. One more tip from Susan that didn't make it into the story. When organizing files, obviously, put the ones you use most often closest to you. As for the labels (which she said should be made with a label maker), they should be on the side of the file closest to you for easy reading. Also line the labels up. That way eye doesn't have to hopscotch all over the file drawer when you are looking for something.

One more point: By tomorrow, I will be printing some of our emails from readers. There are some in the newspaper today, so you can see the kind of reaction we are getting. Click here to read some of the emails and here to see a summary of what they wrote.


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