Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I Am A Complete Idiot

Am I the only one that has lived for 50 years without knowing that you can take an ordinary manilla file folder, fold it along some lines along the bottom and turn it into a flat-bottomed file?
It then can hold more papers without them spilling over the top.

My organizer, Queen Jeanine Baron, of Streamliners Inc. taught me that yesterday. I think it is the equivalent of saying, "Oh boy, I learned that you have to turn the faucet to get water out of the spigot!" So far, everyone I have talked to knew this already. Unbelievable!

If anyone else didn't know this, please blog immediately so we can join each other in the solidarity of stupidity.


Anonymous MEM said...

Take heart, Jane - I only figured that folder thing out a couple of years ago.
Rather than think of yourself as an idiot, just take that little burst of excitement (COOL! I didn't know they worked like that!), add it to the "plus" column, and move on. Sometimes you gotta get by on small joys.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Trish said...

Um...I just learned that thanks to your blog!! -- I always wondered why that line was only on the one side of the folder...they say "you learn something new everyday!"

11:32 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I managed to get to be a 52 year old lawyer without knowing this. (I am reading your blog because I am attempting to clean up my home office and found my newspaper clip about your Digging Out blog. Obviously, I am procrastinating or I would have filed the clip appropriately and moved on!)

8:11 AM  

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