Monday, May 08, 2006

Russell Cooke's plan

When I first started doing this organizing series, one of my colleagues wrote to me about his organizational practices. Russell Cooke, who is an editorial writer for The Inquirer, is far more adept than I am in using the computer as an organizing tool.

Russell uses his Microsoft Outlook Contacts program as more than just a telephone listing. He also uses it as a mini-file cabinet, by making liberal use of the notes section. For example, he has a contact for "Travel Plans." In that section, he keeps names and phone numbers for travel agents, travel websites and anything else he needs to book a trip. He has one for his doctors.

He also uses Microsoft Word as a running notebook, keeping all names and phone numbers as he goes, but also writing many key words. Because Microsoft Word is searchable, this acts as a de-facto phone list, and also allows him to find people even if he can't remember their names, titles or jobs.


Anonymous Paloma Cruz said...

I use Outlook to keep track of passwords, remember where I met a contact, what project I worked on with someone and little notes like whether they have hobbies or connections I need to remember. Since it's searchable, I can find everyone I met the PRSA annual conference or who worked on the accessibility committee with me. It's very helpful.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Elusive.Critter said...

I too use the Notes feature of Outlook on a regular basis. Anytime I have to look something up a 2nd time it goes into notes. Seldom used names & numbers (usually used when there is some emergency), plan codes, feature codes, suppliers & supply lists, information I use only once every few weeks to once a year, if that.

I also use it for short term storage of information. Account follow-up to be sure some else did their part after I finished mine. Or to be sure that I remember to do my part after some else finished theirs, stuff like that.

A negative side of this is that I always end up doing things I'm not responsible for, but some how, am always able to get done when the regular person is on vacation or whatever.

8:28 AM  

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