Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Two Minute Rule

Today something is happening here at the Inquirer that strikes me as kind of a joke. We have Brown Bag sessions here at work in which reporters and editors who have developed expertise in certain subjects talk, very informally, about what they do and how they do it.

What's funny is that I'm being asked to talk about organizing my desk. There are lots of things I think I'm good at as a reporter -- developing relationships with people, having good ideas, thinking about holistic and complete approaches to present material, making connections in unusual ways, but I'm being asked to talk about what I struggle with the most, a sense of orderliness.

Of course, in newsrooms, which are legendary for their messiness, someone who keeps a desk clear for three days is probably the equivalent of PhD. OK, so I'll be the expert....

That being said, another tip from my research follows. As a reminder, I will be blogging Mondays and Wednesdays, unless I'm on vacation. Please check back and add your comments.

Tip Six
Once you've collected your items to sort in a box, here's what to do next: Pick the top item and set yourself two minutes to deal with it, either by tossing it, handling the matter, referring it to someone else or filing it appropriately. If it will take longer than two minutes, put it in a project file and on a to-do list, scheduling a time to handle it.


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