Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Too Many Decisions

My desk still looks pretty good, but I can feel myself losing my organizational grip. And the issue is the same as it always was -- how do I prioritize my work? There are so many good stories on my reporting beat that I have a hard time choosing. That's how email piles up and that's how desk piles begin to grow.

Take today for example:
I would most like to be at a conference at the Bellevue-Stratford Park Hyatt (whatever it's called). The conference is titled the Global Creative Economy and it focuses on how talent and creativity and the economy mix. That mix lies directly at the heart of my workplace beat. There is an inch-high stack of notes from the first day of the conference and other interviews on my desk pertaining to that.

There are three other stories I could do today and each one is represented by a paper or email. One is about a five month lockout at Tinius-Olsen Machine Testing Co in Horsham. That is a long lockout and it would be worth seeing what's up there. A lot of unions are rallying to picket with the workers. I have a couple of emails about that, plus a fax or two.

The Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children released a report today that essentially says that Pennsylvania's youth are not fully prepared to enter the workforce. Again, an important story with implications for our future. That's about three emails.

And finally, there's a group called the MidAtlantic Employers' Association that is publishing a salary survey -- usually there are interesting findings and it is very locally relevant information. Another three emails.

I could probably handle at least one of those stories, but a co-worker I need to help me with a technology project is going on vacation tomorrow. He's the one who knows how to create an online version of an interview with a well-known business author which will appear in The Inquirer soon. So what I am actually doing is transcribing an interview. The interview is fascinating. Transcribing it is boring beyond belief!

So I guess that's what I have to do and I have to let these other stories go, along with the emails. But I feel bad about it and that guilt translates into piles. Well, I'd rather write a blog than transcribe, but I need to get to work.

What do you think I should have done today?


Anonymous ccpa said...

How come there are no more comments? Are people loosing interest in getting organized? - Is its relevance fading? Is this possible? Are you too loosing interest. Is this like any diet or new behavior we try, where after a week or so we just go back to old habits?

11:32 AM  
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