Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chaos, the Bathroom and the Desk

At home, when things are chaotic, I immediately feel better when I clean my bathrooms. I think getting down on my knees and scrubbing the floor makes me feel virtuous in addition to having a clean bathroom floor, which is its own reward. Really, it would make me feel even better if I tore everything out of my kitchen and scrubbed it from top to bottom, but that is entirely too daunting of a task.

My kitchen is big, but my bathrooms are small. I can plant my knees in the middle of the downstairs one and scrub the floor within one arm's reach.

Same thing here at work.

Carmelita wrote into this blog about feeling overwhelmed about her messy desk. She proposed an hour a day of cleaning time. I think that's the work equivalent of tackling a whole kitchen. It'll never happen. No one has an hour a day to devote to cleaning up.

More to the point, it's silly to make unrealistic promises to yourself.

Try for a more bathroom-sized goal of 10 clean-up minutes a day, every day.
If you do, you'll be "flushed" with success. (I had to throw in a bathroom pun to continue the metaphor. Sorry.)

And showered with praise ...

And you won't have that sinking feeling.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Here We Go Again

I'm sitting here thinking about how to write an update on "My Messy Desk." It's funny how much time has gone by and I'm wondering how all the people who wrote to me are doing with their desks, and more importantly, lives.

When I first wrote, I got a lot of half-funny, half-sad letters from folks who were clearly bothered by the chaos in the lives. Some made valient efforts to clean up. Others were in a competition almost -- you think you're messy! How about me? Others just felt overwhelmed. Lots of organizers wrote in and volunteered to come help me clean up. I think they felt sorry for me.

Please write in and let me know how you feel about the changes you've made, if any. What lessons did you learn? I'll incorporate what you say into what I'm writing for the Inquirer in an upcoming story.